If you’ve been following Josef’s teachings of the true purpose of the ego as it pertains to the human perspective and the human aspect’s experience in the third dimensional realm of contrast, you understand (at least) two things which are, the ego is an aspect of you and your Soul, therefore is based in a vibration of love; and secondly, you understand that the vibration that Josef represents for us at this time is one that contains within it new understandings that move us from fear based teachings to love and the understanding of more of who we really are.

Although they have been focused on this teaching as part of their introduction to us, they chose this current quote to assist more in the explaining of what the ego’s role is, intending to offer understanding that brings relief from the current out-of alignment teaching that the ego is an ‘evil do-er’. This teaching is from a lower vibration and pushes against the Soul’s truth of the ego in that it places ‘blame’ on something we’re taught is out of our control. This is never the case for only you manifest, and you manifest everything in your physical experience by your vibrational agreement with it. So, if you choose to believe the ego is something to ‘rid’ yourself of or to ‘kill’, you are pushing against an illusion and ultimately pushing against your own expansion, for this belief, this teaching, is out-of-alignment therefore it manifests out of alignment experiences. It cannot be another way.

Here is the quote and Josef’s explanation. We hope this assists in your own understanding of more of who you really are.

“Here’s a visual for you as to how the ego aspect
works in tandem with your Soul:
Visualize a flowing river that is made up
of every thought that has ever been thought.
You, the human aspect,
are sitting on the river bank, observing.
To your right sits your ego aspect
and to your left, your Soul aspect.
As you, the human aspect, consider
choosing a thought vibration, if the thought
is in alignment, you feel love from your Soul.
If the thought is out of alignment,
you feel negative emotion from your ego.
As you make your choice, know you are
co-creating your reality, and if the choice you
choose to focus upon is out of alignment,
the manifestation of that thought
and those like it,
will be out of alignment too. Simply put.”

“Good afternoon and welcome. We are Josef.

As students of our teachings, you have come to understand that everything, everything, everything is vibrational, including all your aspects, all aspects of your Soul, including you, the human aspect. We are all vibrationally based and the Universe is vibrationally ‘run’ by the vibrational law of attraction that says vibration, likened to itself, is drawn. This is the way all aspects of the Universe, regardless of ‘what’ or ‘where’ they ‘are’, communicate. It is the Universal language of Vibration.

Having stated the reminder of the way the ‘system’ works, we are tirelessly offering a new perspective with which to work within the Universal vibrational system where the aspects of the Soul are in play. All aspects of the Universe and of the Soul, or God if you prefer, act and respond within the laws whether the human aspect acknowledges and accepts it or not. It matters not, for this is a system you cannot ‘buck’, so our teachings of alternate perspectives are based on Universal flow.

When we speak about the ego aspect, and one reason we have chosen to lead with this new perspective is, there are many out-of-alignment teachings that are still being taught in the earth plane regarding the ego, and without a shift in perspective from fear to truth, the opportunity for the human collective to expand beyond this fear-based thinking is nil, for this current wide-spread understanding is one piece of your current puzzle that doesn’t fit the bigger picture, which includes the manifestation of the New Earth in its physical form. You see, all is love in our vibration and you cannot get here from ‘there’, ‘there’ being the fearful collective vibration that currently exists, without a shift in perspective.

The ego is an aspect of the Soul which means it is based in a pure loving vibration. It serves the All, the Soul, and the human aspect by providing the perfect balance of the Soul in the physical plane. The ego, being a spiritual aspect of the Soul, communicates through vibrational emotion, as does the Soul. The communication you receive from your Soul is validated through the emotions and feelings of love and all that go with it. The communication you receive from your ego is validated through the feelings and emotions of fear and all that go with it.

We choose these words as another opportunity for you to understand what the ego provides as you make your way through the contrasting vibration of the earth plane, the contrast being vibrational. Let us explain this quote now to better assist in your understanding.

Every thought, every vibration that has ever been experienced is there for your choosing which is why we chose the movement of a river for this analogy. We think it makes for a great flowing visual. All the thought vibrations are in constant (vibrational) motion. You only need focus and line up with them, or better said, get into vibrational agreement with them, in order for them to manifest as part of your physical life experience. Through your choosing, then your focus, then your vibrational agreement, you manifest the physical ‘rendition’ or experience of that agreement.

So as you, our human aspect, sift and sort through all of your choices, you focus upon one, and you contemplate the experience of that vibration. When that thought is in alignment with your Soul, your contemplation manifests the feelings of love and positive emotion. You feel excitement, and it feels ‘right’. This is your indication to move forward and focus upon this thought, this idea, as the physical manifestation of this vibration will result in your ‘logical next step’ forward, and the next step, too, will then be in alignment.

However, if you’re contemplating a thought vibration that is not in alignment with your Soul, regardless of what it is, you feel the ‘nudging’, the ‘warning’ and the coordinating negative emotion, provided by your ego aspect. This is the ego communicating to you that this thought choice is not in alignment and if you choose it, you will manifest physically what you are feeling emotionally which, of course, is negative emotion and out-of-alignment.

When all aspects in this scenario are in alignment, the Soul, the human and the ego, this demonstrates the symbiotic relationship among the aspects and represents conscious co-creation at its best.

We have said before that any belief that you hold that is fear-based around and about your ego aspect is an out-of-alignment teaching that has resulted in unwanted external experiences and inner turmoil for many among you. There is no one and there is no thing outside of yourself that is causing you to think or do anything that is out of alignment without your allowing and inviting of it, which is all done from a vibrational standpoint. If this is your current belief, we encourage you to shift your perspective and to allow your ego aspect to do its job for you as your assistant in contrast in the physical plane. Once you make this shift, you will soon discover more of who you are in relationship to the Soul aspect of yourself, not only through you’re making a new choice that moves you from fear to love, but your physical reality must reflect the shift as well.

All Universal aspects are deeply in love with you and are encouraging love in each step. However, if you are out of alignment in your beliefs about who you really are, your experiences are reflecting your out-of-alignment choosing, and a choice to degrade an aspect of your very Self, is a vibrational equivalent to bullying your ego, your human aspect, and your Soul, and you continue to hold yourself within the vibration of this out-of-alignment teaching.

We encourage you to consciously expand your awareness beyond the fear of this old paradigm teaching and to open yourself up to the unlimited opportunities for movement forward toward love in each moment. This outdated, lower vibratory thought does not serve your expansion.

We wish you well.”

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