The Myth of Your Imperfection

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For those of you who have been following us, you understand Josef is offering us a different perspective with which to create from, and this perspective is the perspective of our Soul. This perspective, this Consciousness, is the vibration of the New Earth and the New Human Aspect.

As their message unfolds, we are seeing the old paradigm teachings ‘step forward’ for expansion. There are many teachings, still being taught in fact, that were conjured in and created from the realm of fear, the realm of contrast, and ultimately are continuing to expand the fearful vibration as there continues to be focus upon them. As we, the human aspect(s) expand our awareness to include new, more expanded vibrational offerings, new understandings about who we really are, are available to us. The subject of our ‘imperfection’ is one of them.

From the perspective of our Soul, there is nothing that is ‘imperfect’ or out of balance because everything that manifests is the perfect manifestation of the physical and non-physical vibrations coming into alignment. From the Universal standpoint, there is always perfect balance. So let’s look at the statement, “no one is perfect” that seems to have played a big role in society and has led us down the road of more misunderstanding.

“No one is perfect” implies, says in fact, that all are ‘flawed’ in some way. From the perspective of the Soul, this is never the case and based on the Universal Laws, cannot ever be the case. Since there is no judgment from the Soul’s perspective, only vibrational agreement, all manifestations are indications and ‘proof’ if you will, of vibrational alignment. In other words, you, the physical manifestation of your Soul, are the perfect manifestation of the vibration you choose in each moment. Let’s take this a step further…

If you are one who worries, who lives a fear-based reality, continuing to choose and therefore create from fear-based thoughts, your reality which includes your physical body, is a perfect manifestation of the thought vibrations you are creating from. This is the perfection your Soul sees. Only the human aspect, who does not recognize his own power of creation, sees their own manifestation as out of alignment and not the ‘perfect’ creation of their vibration. All manifestations are in alignment with themselves meaning they are the perfect manifestation of the vibration from which they were created.

So, although you may latch on to the phrase, “I’m not perfect” or “you can’t blame him because no one is perfect” or “nobody’s perfect”, this belief ‘system’ or belief foundation, this vibration of thought momentum, is too, out of alignment therefore continuing to create out of alignment manifestations.

If, however, you were to recognize and acknowledge the vibrationally based Universe and how everything is created in its perfect form, including you, through vibrational agreement (the non-physical and physical vibrations coming into alignment) you come to realize where your power of creation is and that is through the choosing of, and focusing on, your thoughts. Once you understand that you are responsible for your thoughts and the vibration you ‘put out’, you understand, too, that that is the vibration you are creating and manifesting from in each moment, and ultimately you understand your power to change it.

Blaming anything or anyone outside of yourself is an out of alignment ‘notion’ and action that is conjured in fear. Josef teaches self responsibility for many reasons, not the least of which is because we are vibrational universal beings who are, whether we acknowledge it or not, in total control of our creations.

Your physical reality, the physical life experience you live, is chosen and created by you, moment by moment, whether you believe it or not. All that is necessary to understand this is to look at what reality you are experiencing and acknowledge your thoughts that created it. Your manifestations are physical proof of the vibration you are creating from. There are no exceptions to this rule or any Universal Law, or what Josef refers to as ‘Universal Truth’. The sooner you recognize and acknowledge your place within them, the more enjoyable your creations will be.

You are the perfect manifestation of God in your physical form. Your Soul, the God within you, is your Guide, offering assistance in each moment by way of emotional guidance. Shift your perspective from that of the fear based vibrational reality to that of your Soul and your physical reality will shift along with it.

All is perfect. All is perfectly created through and by way of vibrational agreement where there is no judgment. We are free to create as we choose and the choices we make lead us to the manifestations we create whether we ‘like’ them or not. This is Universal Truth.

“You are indeed perfect exactly the way you and you are truly loved.”

– Josef

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  • We seem to have easily accepted the fear of thinking we’re perfect. It must have come with the mind of separation we also accept so easily. Thank you for bringing liberation to me without being reminded by the fear of being prideful and arrogant of perfection is accepted . It is because I can’t acxeot it without accepting it in everyone- it comes with the ground of oneness! I’m going to really run with this— thank for for setting me free! The truth does set us free -and everyone else❤️

    Janis rose

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