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Session With Josef


Booking a session with Josef is an experience of, and opportunity for, expansion of you, the human physical aspect of your non-physical Soul. Through our teachings and our perspectives, you will, as you focus on your own guided shifting, expand your awareness of who you really are, and you will learn how to shift your current thought processes to the thoughts and perspectives of your Soul, those of the New Earth vibration. We are way showers of alignment and evolution.

Our coaching sessions are intended to assist in the shifting of the current human aspect’s perspective from the perspective of the 3rd dimension, to the perspective of the 5th dimension (as it is commonly understood), which is the vibration of the New Earth. There is no fear here.

We, individually and collectively, are now presented with the opportunity to expand into the New Human aspect who will inhabit our New Earth. This change is necessary for the human aspect of the Soul, and the change we propose is the shift in perspective from fear to love which moves your vantage point, your point of creation from fear, back into alignment. By offering our insight, we offer new understandings of who you really are and these understandings are what bring your expansion.

One-time sessions are booked for one hour. We are now offering a packaged series of 3 coaching sessions for those who are seeking on-going guidance for change, meaning more intended and focused coaching as you move along your journey. As you expand your awareness, more opportunity for understanding is presented to you for your consideration. Our role is to assist in your expansion.

We encourage you to continue to move forward on your individual path as we, together, create the New Human and the New Earth in its physical form.

All appointments are conducted by Zoom. Welcome aboard.

Please note: This is a single session booking – for the 3 session package CLICK HERE.

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