Allow Your Soul To Lead: The Aspects of The Soul & The 7 Steps To Self Discovery And Healing (A Channeled Text Healing Series Book 2)


Josef is a Collective Consciousness and the evolutionary vibration known as Seth channeled by Jane Roberts, and Abraham, channeled by Esther Hicks. In this 2nd Volume of the series, Allow Your Soul To Lead, Josef teaches about the many aspects of the Soul, other vibrational timelines, and how healing occurs. They offer their evolved version of the 12-step program called, “The 7 Steps to Self Discovery and Healing” that is meant for all healing including emotional, physical and healing from addiction. It is a

program of self-discovery through self-knowledge and responsibility for your own vibration. They continue teaching the power the human aspect holds within that will assist in the shifting from fear to love. As each individual shifts, the human collective consciousness shifts as well in preparation for the New Earth vibrational living in the physical plane.

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