Allow Your Soul To Lead: Experiencing The Soul’s Perspective Of The Ego (A Channeled Text Healing Series Book 1)


Josef is a Collective Consciousness and the evolutionary vibration known as Seth, formerly channeled by Jane Roberts, and Abraham channeled by Esther Hicks. They bring with them the evolved vibration of what is referred to as the New Earth. In this introductory book of the series, Allow Your Soul To Lead, they teach the aspects of the Soul, namely the relationship between the Soul, the ego aspect and the human aspect and how they, together and collectively, play their

respective roles in the creation of your physical reality. Josef teaches the true purpose of the ego as a companion to the human aspect and how understanding its purpose will shift your perspective and ultimately your vibration from fear to love. They detail the perspective of the Soul and the ego, and how choices made from each vantage point effect the physical lives that we lead and how, through your awareness of these perspectives, you can change the direction and fulfillment of your physical reality.

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