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As I assist Josef in exposing themselves (and their vibration) to us through all means available, they’ve prompted me to share pieces of the intimate conversations we’ve had over the years as their blogs. I type on my laptop as I’m listening to them so all these conversations are in their unedited and truest form, logged by date. If you decide to follow their message, you will be receiving a part of the expanding message of Seth and Abraham, from Josef, in its raw form. They are, what I understand now to be, conversations between our human aspect and our Soul. In other words, me as ‘our’ collective human aspect and Josef as ‘my-our’ collective Soul.

These conversations took place because of my own transformation and my desire to know more about who I am. Our hope is they will help you to perhaps understand pieces of your own expansion. That is not to say all transformations are even close to unfolding the same way, for all are completely different. However, the element of love, which is the basis for all expansion, remains eternal. In other words, the journey is our personal experience. The end result is the same – the expanded universal love vibration.

If we are seeking transformation and are creating a momentum of focus on the desired experience of expansion, along the way we begin to see pieces of those manifestations in our physical reality. In other words, my words, we get more of what we focus on and it proves itself to us through our visual and/or emotional reality. Most of us know this already through our own experiences of these manifestations time and time again.

Having said that, they have chosen the date of April 23, 2016 as their beginning point for these conversation-based blogs. When I re-read their words, I understood why. Keep in mind the dates of these transmissions. Remember, they (my Soul group and yours) meet us where we are. If you follow these conversations, you will see the morphing – my morphing – of understanding through the words they chose to use with me; words I defined as they were meant to be transcribed for my own understanding at that time. Uses of certain analogies and words and their meanings have changed because my own awareness has expanded to include more opportunities for understanding. And as all things, this too will expand. The Spiritual experience is eternal so we might as well relax and enjoy it.

The Fall From Love and The Rescue…

April 23, 2016

“BEGIN my dear. We are always with you. Your light, as it flickers, is an indication of our presence as it has always been. We enjoy how you enjoy that symbol of us for it is indeed beautiful.

As we begin this transmission, you will come to points in time where we will appear to have stopped. Be not in fear for it never stops; it only pauses for a re-grouping as it were. Simply go with the flow and you will understand our steps.

This is Master St. Germaine and I will be beginning this influx of information to you. Know when you are ready, you will be inspired to receive us. This is all in the right timing of this task.

You may begin with the first order of business which is the difference between the Soul and Spirit. It will have to do with how they interact with the ego portion of the human body and mind. This will be new to you, however, it will make sense as it has been buried in you for a long time.

The Soul is, as you already understand, what you refer to as the God portion of your make up. It is your Guiding Light so to speak and when we speak of surrender, it is this portion of you that is the receiver of your surrender. When you surrender to your Soul, you hand over your power to yourSelf … to your higher self, to in fact, run the show as it were. When you do that, you have the Power of God guiding you through this life which, if done in the flow and without resistance, will result in a smooth and happy life that will lead to all the experiences the Soul has chosen since before its inception into this physical world. That is not to say there will not be challenges, for one reason you chose to come is for the contrast of experiences which cause you to choose the Soul’s guidance over anything else. Each time you make this choice, you continue to smooth out your path and the answers easily flow and the solutions to what you perceive as problems are set before you with ease. This is the reason you came; to experience more of physical choice in order to continue to choose your way back to God. This is, indeed, the fall away from Love and now is the time of rescue; the rescue of the human race and the push forward toward Love; the Love that will lead to the peace you came to example. That, that I came to example – has gone (for the most part) un-noticed by so many. It must be brought back to the forefront in order to re-claim the power of God through manifestation…this manifestation is you, all of you. You must rise to the occasion and now show the way home. But the home you are seeking is the peace of mind you seek which is in fact, God.

Choose Love In All Resolution — Josef

What they are saying…

So, in short, St. Germaine, who is part of the Josef Team, is introducing the Allow Your Soul To Lead concept by relaying that our individual Souls are the God that most refer to. By connecting to your Source, your Soul, your God, and by recognizing that energy to be within us, not outside of us, we are, in a sense, authenticating our own power by acknowledging the God within us. Jesus said, “The Kingdom of God is Within You.” This is what he was referring to. The power that is the essence of Who We Really Are is the power of God and when we recognize and allow that guidance, we are in alignment with the Source of All That Is. It is in this vibration that all things are possible. This is the vibrational space that Abraham refers to as “The Vortex.”

The understanding of this is what I presume most mean when they say, “Take your power back!” In my mind, this is the power they speak of. Seth, and Abraham taught, and now Josef is teaching, alignment is necessary for vibrational expansion and vibrational expansion is necessary for the physical manifestation of the New Earth. Josef represents this vibration. It is the responsibility of the human aspect collective consciousness to bring it forth, through one vibrational agreement at a time.

If you were to focus on nothing but your own alignment, you would be seeking not only your own expansion in each moment, but the expansion of the universe in each moment as well. The acknowledgement of who you really are is, in fact, the truth that sets you free.

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  • Cindy… for a short while before I found you on one of Brian Scott’s podcasts, I had been thinking and literally imaging over and over and over that this sacred relationship between our Soul and us- our human aspect is like a Lighthouse. My God self being the lighthouse and me in my human form out at sea, exploring, discovering, finding more fascinating things to swim through. Except… the light that emitted from the lighthouse- was/is me! And that very light is also my “tether” to who I really am. That I Am the lighthouse (God/Source) and I am the tether of light from that Source projecting itself “out” into the world “and” I AM also the individuated me, up close and personal to the details of life in the ocean (our time space reality). And I knew/know that every time I look away from that lighthouse or forget it’s there whilst I’m out here in the darkness (denseness) then that’s when I believe in the illusion that I’m lost or alone… but I never ever ever am- that tether is me AND Source and is always connecting me to Home and connecting Home to Me… All I have to do is turn around or become once more aware of my lighthouse (return my attention to the Source that I Am) and I will feel and know it’s loving guidance always lighting my path again. Always. It never ever takes its attention away from me… but I can forget it’s there by taking “my” human awareness away from it and thereby believe in lack or separation. But it’s all illusory. We are never alone. Never apart from our Lighthouse… we are the very light itself that It emits… blindingly bright at the source, projected out into denseness, and then into this beautiful focalised point of a spotlight out in the world… and every single aspect of me IS that same light, expressed in different ways.

    The lighthouse analogy has been so so strong and intense in my heart. And then to find Josef and you and the images of the lighthouse – just all over your website and your amazing books… I’m just… Synchronicities are happening for me all over the place. Your volume 3 in allow the soul to lead series… at the very end was one of their quotes about the mountain and the rock… I don’t want to describe it in full here so as not to reveal it to others who haven’t read yet… I shed tears of joy and pure pure love. And the last volume 4… I am still reading and so far it, out of all of them, has FELT incredibly “vibrational”. I don’t know how else to put it. Like it’s literally infused with the vibration of love- as though Josef are speaking to me more vibrationally than with all of the printed words put together. I’m feeling it like light in my heart, like coming home, like they’re right here with me. Sometimes just one word or a phrase or a string of them is like peaceful lightning in my heart, making it ache with love and knowingness. I don’t need explaining in those moments, I just know. I’m finding my self talking to them lol when I feel like I’ve got an “Aha!” moment and with Abraham too and even the Council of Light (“”channelled”” by Sara Landon) whose messages are so so similar… and I’m literally feeling their love, their loving acknowledgment of me, their vibrational “nods” of “yes you have it”. And then I’ll read on – and whamo lol there it is. Or I’ll find it somewhere else. I’m so so so so so thankful to you, to Josef, but they know that already. I’m accessing this state of love so often, so much more aware of my moment to moment vibrational choices. And when I forget, I’m more swiftly “pivoting” is the only way I can describe it right now- remembering that true love does not see mistakes in oneself or others… and I seek healing and a loving solution almost immediately. And they have brought this more solidly into my awareness and into my wanting to experience Source within more and more as I’ve been going on this journey of educating myself or more accurately, reminding myself of who I really am, who we all really are. I’ve discovered Neville Goddard and so many teachers and messengers and… I’m going through something powerful and beautiful and I want it for everyone, everyone. Thank you so much. I’m so thankful to my Soul for inspiring me to click on that podcast. But it makes perfect, perfect sense… because I have been silently asking Abraham for quite a while now… I would like to know more- please… I know there is more… and where do I find you if not within myself just yet, once Esther is no longer in physical? I’m willing and wanting and excited for more of your energy and teachings… And oh my God, literallly… here Josef is. Thank you so much. I love you. Xx


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