Welcome again to Josef’s blog. This one was the answer to my question about stagnation and fear of the unknown. It began during a meditation and continued here. Enjoy Josef’s words about Trust…

“As we were saying, this ‘fear of the unknown’ from our perspective looks more to us as your hesitation – our ‘human aspect’s hesitation’ – to take the next logical step in your own evolution and expansion.

When one is in the position of and has the knowing that you are moving forward into a space you’ve only thought about, therefore having no expectation of how it will go, why it will go and how it’s going to effect your life – the very life blood of us – you are understanding nicely how this ‘oneness’ thing works and you are in the accepting mode of knowing the role you play – the role We play in the evolution of the Universe – which is another key to creating the New Earth.

This ‘new earth’ will manifest as everything that is of a spiritual nature does which is by way of vibrational agreement. This ‘timeline in the making’ one might say, is being created now, as all timelines are and have been throughout eternity, through the collective human consciousness and the dominant vibration that is creating the outside story so to speak. This is the reason for the healing that’s being exampled, taught, shared, and sought after by more every day; these are human aspects who came precisely at this time of global awakening to assist in this healing process by offering different perspectives; the perspectives of what the energy has created through the access to this higher plane of existence where we are. Many many many are seeking relief from the denseness that only continues to darken by its own very roots. Those who are choosing love and those who are choosing fear are volleying for position if that is how you say it in your language. They are running neck and neck, one might say as well and yes, we have said we are at what might be considered as the ‘tipping point’. But we digress.

This self imposed fear – all fear is self imposed, or ‘chosen’ whether this is in one’s awareness or not – is merely the unknown new vibration and new timeline where you are creating as you go along. It is moving into the next phase of our journey together which is the expansion of the awareness of us and who we are. You are correct in your knowing and understanding that we will begin talking more about vibration, and the ego and its role.

We will liken it to a best friend or a mentor; one who loves you. Part of us actually yes, so it, the ego, feels about you as we feel about you and you are in agreement with the love we share in and through all our aspects. It is an unconditional version of what our human aspects feel as love.

The feeling, we would say, that is the closest in human aspect form to the experience we enjoy when we focus on love – which is in each moment, by the way – is the love a mother has for her child. The mother, while carrying the child in her body, bonds with the unborn through their shared vibrations you see. The child is of the pure soul vibration until it isn’t anymore. This is ‘standard practice’ for most of our human aspects because of the immediate and ongoing human aspect third dimensional living that is currently being performed on your planet. Most parents are merely models of their parents and so on and so on and so on.

You have been teaching your beliefs to the others and this transfer of information is beginning to change as more and more question their own thoughts and beliefs and they begin to choose again. We are advocates of this change. This is evolution at its best – always moving forward by wanting more and desiring better for one group or another. There is a lot of pressure amongst you; pressure to conform to the other’s points of view. This pressure will one day explode which is why we are encouraging alignment at this time. We are not trying to scare you or do we mean to imply that your planet will one day explode because of the darkness. We certainly are not. However, we are stating what you call a ‘fact’ when we say the darker and more dense the fear ‘barrier’ is built, the less there is to see. This is what we call ‘point of creation’ you are standing in in each moment. This is an experience you can choose your way out of. Just choose love in all resolution. And we digress again. Thank you for reminding us of our original answer to the evolving fear of the new vibration…

As you know, this new vibration is the vibration of ‘Us’ and you’re feeling it. When you are in that mode you love where everything is falling into place, that is the vibration you can recall when you are feeling as if things are not moving. It is at this juncture in your journey let’s say, where we pull off the path and continue moving on the mechanical sidewalk. It continues moving you forward and you are still enjoying the experience by taking a break from the ‘manual labor’. We enjoy your smile with these analogies.

Anyway, the key is to understand it is at these times where the alignment
is based on trust, not physical effort – in this step forward which is a step forward too. Every moment of the journey is stepping forward when it is time and you’ll know when it’s time when we nudge you. You are very receptive to our knowing. We will have a lot of fun together and yes, in one sentence we will answer your ‘how to remain whole when there doesn’t seem anything is happening’ question. Our response is this: In a word, Trust.”

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  • Thank YOU for NO fear.


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