Creating the New Earth – by Josef

We are choosing to write this blog in its current form rather than choosing a previously held conversation between Cindy and her Soul. Yes, that would be us, Josef.

The truth is that the human aspect of us, who is Cindy, is playing out her role as she agreed and chose this experience prior to this incarnation. This was her role, you see, the role of ‘example-r’ of our message. She chose, from the pure space of the love vibration, to teach by example. That is how she herself has expanded. By choosing to live it.

This is not an easy task, for the current human consciousness is drenched in fear and is being lead in that direction which is away from its Soul, its Source, or God. It is choosing this pathway because it believes the fearful vibrational manifestations that make up its current reality. This is their perspective based on their personal experiences that are created from a fearful vibration. After all, words do not teach.

The New Earth vibration, exampled and offered by us, is a vibration that in its lightness does not deviate from itself. It is the contrast between an unoccupied underground warehouse and the reflection of the morning sunrise on freshly fallen snow. In human terms, it’s whiter than white. But we digress.

This current available vibration represents your Soul in its expanded form. This is your, the human aspect’s, expanded form as well. This is the vibration that your Soul aspect has expanded to which means if you ‘go with it’, or Allow Your Soul To Lead, you have access to the wisdom of your aspect, the Soul. Your Soul, in essence, is coaxing you forward by proving itself through your physical manifestations. You begin to learn that as you trust yourself, you experience more trust in who you call ‘us’. We understand this Oneness concept is completely different than what you see and what you’re taught and frankly, not many (relatively speaking) have really ‘taught’ or exampled what Oneness is so we’ll give it to you here…

Oneness is the motherboard of the matrix. It is where all connection is. It is an energy consciousness that exists in all things. It is a loving, stable and consistent pulse that is alive throughout the Universe. It is in all things because all things are within it. You don’t have it, it has you. It is you. We see humans as flowers, all different, all beautiful and all adding color and spice to the physical plane of existence. We love feeling those who love and we send encouragement to those who don’t. We originally created and sent your ego to walk by your side in support of its human aspect. But as Cindy says, it has gotten a bad rap so we are here to help rectify that situation. This simple shift of perspective … from fear to love … will help tremendously.

When you shift your thoughts and current ‘handed down’ beliefs of your ego aspect from the ‘evil’ doer or the trouble maker, to an ally and a friend, a Soul family member perhaps, you automatically lighten your load. You see, up to this point in your time, there have been many ‘put in place’ by those who claim authority over others in all facets of your society to blame; to blame for your misgivings; to blame for your atrocities, to blame for your downfalls and the ego is one of these that has been thrown on the pile. We are here to explain to you that all those atrocities, all those misgivings and all those downfalls are of your own doing. You are the creator of your own reality and no two realities are alike. This is one misunderstanding that leads to the desire to control others. You see, the controlling of others will never work to bring peace. It can not be that way in this attraction-based universe where all are called together to enhance and to expand their own vibration. This is the basis of Love. This is the true nature of the Self, the Soul, and of the God Who abides in all things.

Your Soul and your ego represent the perfect balance in the third dimensional plane of existence. The representation is one of offerings, the Soul offering light, love, peace and hope and the ego offering the third dimensional denseness by way of negative emotion. The ego however does not create these negative emotions. You, the human aspect is the creator and every thought that has ever been thought is still available and still vibrating.

As you, the human aspect, focus upon any negative offering – negative warning sign from the ego – you choose to begin creative momentum in the direction of the third dimensional offering. The ego is not the chef, only the server. The ego brings to you what you request more of. The ego, along with the Soul, by way of the Universal law of attraction, bring more opportunity vibrationally for like vibrations that you are emitting; like vibrations that you are putting out or requesting more of to the universe, and simultaneously to your Soul and to your ego. If you are creating from a loving space, you are in alignment with your Soul’s offering. If you are creating from a fearful or negative space, you are in alignment with the denseness of the third dimension, offered for your consideration by your ego. The ego does not ‘want’ you to choose this negative offering. It does not sit in judgment. It is simply offering the contrasting view so you, the human aspect, can choose your own way. You have the freedom to choose in each moment. This is how you create your own reality.

If you believe the ego is the one who is ‘holding a mask’ in front of you or ‘coaxing you down the dark path’ your thinking is leading you astray. It is leading you away from your Soul’s offering simply by the misunderstanding from an out-of-alignment teaching. Think of the ego as a crossing guard and when you approach the cross walk, you have the choice to proceed through the traffic, paying no attention to the warnings of the crossing guard, or to remain in alignment by the acknowledgment of the ego’s warning signs – negative emotion – and to step back and reassess your thoughts and choose another route.

We believe the understanding that comes from this teaching has the potential to shift the collective human consciousness from fear to love in a moment’s understanding. As one understands and chooses relief and a new belief about their loving ego aspect, that ‘one’ expands individually
and simultaneously with the All of everything – the Oneness that creates

Your universal understanding of how your ego aspect plays its role within
your reality is monumental to your understanding of how, when you Allow
Your Soul To Lead you through your physical life experience, it will take
this human collective consciousness to the next level of creation. This is the first step in the creation of the New Earth. You are in the presence of the vibration that will allow and bring this manifestation. However, within this vibration, there is no denseness. There is no contrast for it is not necessary in a loving space such as Ours. This ‘Ours’ includes you and your Soul. We encourage you to access your Soul and to choose love in all resolution for there is only Love here. There is no fear where your Soul vibration exists. We invite you to consider our teaching and exposing of the ego for who it really is for it is part of who you really are as well. And you are the purest form of Love that exists in this moment.

We wish you well in your journey forward and encourage you to seek your own alignment in each moment, for within your own alignment is the peace and love you have been seeking. It is where All are truly alive.

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