“We are Josef, an aspect of and the evolutionary collective consciousness of Seth, Channeled by Jane Roberts, and Abraham, Channeled by Esther Hicks. We speak from a higher plane of consciousness. This consciousness, this level of vibration, is now available to all who seek it.

We are a group, that is true. Some of us have been on your physical planet and some have not, however, our message of love is timeless and limitless, and its impact on your planet is crucial to the shift that is currently ramping up on your plane of existence.

We offer you more insight into who you truly are, for your Souls all abide on a higher plane as Cindy’s abides with us. We have chosen to reveal ourselves at this juncture for the purpose of assisting in the expansion of humanity toward living on your earth planet as fifth-dimensional beings.

We welcome your questions and your comments. The love we feel for all of you is immeasurable.

We welcome you aboard our plane if you so choose, and we will assist in your expansion as you choose as well. We hope you will forge ahead with us on this journey of love, peace, and well-being for all of humanity.”

— Josef


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What others are saying


"My session with Josef and Cindy was life changing. I had been feeling useless for years, not knowing why I was stuck on this planet and wanting to be gone so badly. Josef helped me remember my purpose. I found out why I was here and my role in the New Earth. This was a huge relief for me. Josef helped to move me past the fear I had been experiencing and I am now much more in alignment (feeling happy). Thank you Josef and Cindy for coming forward and helping humanity at this crucial time in our evolution. I will be sharing your message far and wide."


Port Angeles WA

"The teachings of Josef have really provided me a simple framework for living my life by focusing on love and being in alignment with my higher self and purpose. As they keep saying--it's all very simple--just focus on alignment and the rest takes care of itself. And, when I am aligned, my heart bursts with joy! Doesn't get much better than that."


Atlanta GA

Josef offers a new perspective. At first, it was hard to understand because I have been taught the opposite. What I've realized through Josef's teachings is what I was taught hasn't worked for me and why. They've shown me more of who I really am. This is a journey I am excited about for the first time and I'm happy. Thanks to Cindy for bringing them to us. This information is important for all to know.



"Cindy is great to work with. She and Josef are a great team! She offers her own life experience as a guide and is open about her own journey. This helped me understand my ups and downs and to put them in a different light, to see them from a different angle. Josef is amazing and their process of explanation is easy to understand. I recommend them highly."


Nashville, TN

"Since I began working with Josef, my view of life has changed. I now know, not only that I have choices, but how important they are and how, by choosing a different perspective, I can make changes. I have come to know more about the control I have and how I can create a reality more suitable to my liking. Josef is the best!"


Macon, GA

"I began reading Josef's books a year ago. The material is from a different perspective and one I had never considered. By implementing their perspective and making conscious changes in my choosing, I have begun to experience exactly what they talk about. My outlook has changed. My life has changed. I am grateful for their teachings. It's not like anything I've experienced before. Thank you, Josef!"


Miami, FL

"I have known Cindy Edison who channels Josef for two years. In that time I’ve begun to transform / expand my life, with considerable help from them.  The main thing I’ve learned, is to slow down, to think about every decision I make. To make those decisions from a place of love. And trust they are right.  Let the expansion begin!"


Murphy, NC

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